What To Do With Old Backpacks

What To Do With Old Backpacks

Most of the backpacks used today are made from nylon. However, over time the item will finally succumb to wear and tear. You can’t really use damaged nylon backpacks now, so what are you going to do with them? Unfortunately, there are only a few places which take in nylon to be recycled.

Your ability to reprocess nylon will be based significantly on its form. If you are not able to recycle your nylon backpack, you can always reuse the item. This article will further suggest what to do with old backpacks.

Re-purposing Old Backpacks: What To Do With Old Backpacks

Nylon is a material which is made from petroleum products and used to make bags, clothing, stockings and gear for the outdoors like rope and tents. Many of the things we use every day are made from the fabric. Because it is made from petroleum products, it is not biodegradable.

The material was first made in the 1930s to serve as a substitute for silk. It has lots of advantages—it is lightweight, yet durable at the same time and it can also dry faster compared to materials like cotton canvas.

Clothing companies favor nylon since it has the ability to hold a dye very well. It is also more affordable compared to making certain fabrics like silk, and it is pretty resistant to damage. One drawback of the material is that like a lot of other fabrics, it can be a challenge to recycle once it has been used. Nylon clothing is easier to recycle, and there are companies which take in old nylon clothing bought from their store for recycling.

There still ways to make use of old nylon material on backpacks though. Certain companies like Timbuk2 provide take-back programs for used messenger, backpacks or camera bags made from nylon. All you have to do is put the item in a box and send it to the company. You can find the address on the company’s website plus other details about the program. The company will recycle or reuse the fabric as much as possible. They will not charge for those services as well; all you need to shell out for is the shipping cost.

There might also be other options on what to do with old backpacks made from nylon. If you have a pack that is still in decent shape, but you do not use it that much anymore, you can consider donating the item to a program that assists kids with school items or you can contribute the pack to a thrift shop.

The American Birding Association is also another organization which takes in backpack donations. Their scientists use the backpacks while keeping track of birds from all over. Scientists, of course need something to carry their equipment in and your used backpack can be a big help.

Hence in case you want to get rid of a few backpacks that are still in good form, you can consider giving it away to such organization. You can check out the organization’s website for more details about the program.

Furthermore, you can hold a garage sale and include your used backpacks. Backpacks that are still in decent shape are often snapped up by people. Even if your bag has a rather wobbly or faulty strap, some people will still consider buying it for the savings and repair said damage.

In case you do not have enough items to make up a garage sale, you can ask your friends to pitch in and make it a collective effort. Who knows; some of your buddies might have used nylon backpacks that they are willing to give up and sell as well.

In addition, you can scrap a used backpack for its parts instead. You can take used segments of nylon that are on the packs and reuse them as reinforcements for the seams on your new backpacks by stitching them onto the compartments or pockets of the pack. There are some designs of backpacks that you can use as reference online.

If you have used a nylon day pack that you don’t want to use for hiking or everyday use, you can reuse it as a container for your DIY tools at home. They can serve as a spot to store your routers and other equipment that can fit inside the pack. They will prevent dust from accumulating on those tools; they are pretty much a cinch to grab and carry, and are more lightweight compared to the hard cases that such equipment comes with.

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