Vbiger Hiking Backpack Review

Vbiger Hiking Backpack Review

Planning your next backpacking trip can be very exciting but in planning, you have to consider what backpack you’ll be using. The right kind of backpack should be durable and sturdy; it should include a great number of pockets as well as an easy way of accessing them.

The backpack should be able to withstand any external forces. You wouldn’t want a backpack that is inconvenient and is uncomfortable. In short, you might want to consider a backpack like the Vbiger Hiking Backpack.

Read on to find out more about this backpack, its advantages, disadvantages, its features and our honest verdict on why we think this backpack is totally worth the buy.

Features of the Vbiger Hiking Backpack

  • High-density materials go into the construction
  • Made of waterproof nylon fabric and is abrasion resistant
  • Has the ability to withstand external forces
  • Has the ability to withstand bad weather
  • Proven to have maximum durability
  • Includes a great number of attachment points for your convenience
  • S-shaped padded shoulder strap and back pad
  • Pads offer a ventilation system that allows airflow
  • Features a big main compartment and external functional pockets
  • Length of 14.2”
  • Width of 5.1”
  • Height of 26.8”


One of the many things that we like about this backpack is the great number of pockets. It has a big main compartment and other external functional pockets allowing you to have enough space and room for other essential things.

This is the perfect backpack for outdoor traveling, hiking, mountain climbing, and biking because you can easily access your gear without having to pull everything out from the compartment and put it back in again after getting the one item you need.

Furthermore, this backpack also features multi-attachment points for handing your tent, sleeping bag, trekking pole, and it allows you to expand the area for proper usage. This is very convenient because when you are camping or hiking, you want to have materials and equipment that have dual functions or purposes as much as possible.

This backpack is also made of high-density materials which make it very durable. The sewing thread used for this backpack is extra durable, and it also has a bar tack that is multi reinforced at the stress points; this adds durability to the backpack. As explained in the feature section, this has the ability to withstand external forces and bad weather.

The waterproof nylon and abrasion resistant fabric is also an added bonus to the backpack. Even during a bad weather, you can ensure that this backpack will survive the harsh conditions. At this point, nothing can go wrong with your camping trip (well, except for the bad weather but nothing in relation to the backpack).

Also, the S-shaped padded shoulder strap and back pad offer a ventilation system to facilitate airflow; with this, you can ensure that your back remains dry and cool.

Let’s move on to the dimensions of the backpack, with a length of 14.2”, a width of 5.1” and a height of 26.8”. The capacity of this backpack is 65L + 5L. The internal structure has 1 main compartment and 1 patch pocket. The external structure includes 2 zipper pockets (front) and 2 mesh pockets (side).

If you are looking for a backpack that is durable, has numerous compartments that allow you to properly organize your things, is abrasion and water resistant, can survive bad weather, as well as the wear and tear of your backpacking adventures, then this hiking backpack is the perfect choice for you.


This backpack is really great and while Vbiger Hiking Backpack has gained a lot of satisfied customers, there have been a few setbacks for the backpack. On one thing, the back support was not that great. It felt rather uncomfortable during extended use. On another note, you really can’t feel the ventilation system that allows airflow.

This makes the pack feel restricted and a bit hotter than what could be considered comfortable. Also, this backpack would be more functional if there were more carabiners to it. However, we feel like these are only minor setbacks. The durability and function of this backpack still provide a high-performance quality and we are really happy with that.


In conclusion, the Vbiger Hiking Backpack is the perfect choice for someone who is looking to hike, travel, or is simply a mountaineering enthusiast. You can tell that the fabric is strong and that the backpack as a whole is durable, and the rain cover is a great bonus and has worked very well.

The side zipper pockets are a great convenience. The abrasion and water resistant feature is very nice too. With this, you can ensure that your things inside the backpack are safe. Both the interior and exterior qualities of the backpack are top notch which is why we highly recommend it.

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