Scandinavian Gear 65l Backpack Review

Scandinavian Gear 65l Backpack Review

You need a good backpack that will allow you to comfortably tote all of your needed essentials and equipment while hiking your choice locales. However, there are many packs out there and it can be a challenge choosing the one which will best fit your needs.

Do a little research on the different kinds of backpacks being sold today, and the information will help you choose the right kind of pack. Reviews will also help you narrow down your options. Read this review of the Scandinavian Gear 65L Backpack with Rain Cover and find out if this model fits your needs best.

Features of the Scandinavian Gear 65l Backpack

  • 65-liter capacity
  • Measures 5” x 17” x 24” and weighs 3.8 lbs.
  • Has water-repellent and water-resistant main body
  • Main compartments can be opened from the top, bottom and sides
  • Able to accommodate water bladder and other hydration essentials up to 4 liters
  • Includes rain cover
  • Emergency whistle on the chest strap
  • Front and back reflective strips
  • Includes adjustable chest, shoulder, waist and hip straps


During a hike or a backpacking trip, a pack like the 65L Backpack will serve as your companion and a means to carry your stuff across serious miles. There are many reasons why you need a backpack for those trips.

For starters, a pack allows for hands-free carrying which means you will be more mobile and free to do other things than minding your bag the entire trip. The backpack is also easier to place under the seat or on top of a van or jeep. It will fit in just about any location.

Because you are carrying the item on your shoulders, you can always keep track of it and never misplace it. Packs also feature more compartments compared to other bags like suitcases. This helps in terms of organization, and it will also make reaching for certain items faster for you. You will also be able to protect your gear because it is compacted in varying parts of the pack.

A great backpack helps properly even out the weight on your back and shoulders and this makes for a comfortable trip. The pack can be used in any location, climate or weather because it does not have any wheels or other related components.

It is made with sturdy material to hold up well and guarantee that your luggage will be kept intact throughout the trip. Lastly, backpacks are easier to clean and wash compared to suitcases since they are typically composed of materials that dry faster. This will allow you to go from one place to another and save you time and effort.

The Scandinavian Gear 65L Backpack is a great choice for a multi-day pack for both beginners and experienced hikers and backpackers. The bag comes with sufficient straps and padding to make carrying it comfortable. Even if the bag were filled to the top with your gear, it will rest comfortably on the back of the user.

It is made with an excellent-quality ripstop material with heavy-duty buckles and straps. The straps properly fit and the hip strap it comes with has a sufficient length which can accommodate 42” waistlines.

The main compartment of the bag opens from the bottom, sides and the top. It includes several access points to allow users to reach equipment or essentials easily without obligating them to fish through the insides of the bag.

It comes with a rain cover made from sturdy and water-resistant material, an attachment loop for trekking poles or ice axes, and can also accommodate water containers. This is not an upper lightweight model, however the weight, together with the contents of the bag still make for a tolerable weight.


One disadvantage of this model is that after a few uses, the side buckles started coming unlatched. Then again, you have to remember that this serves day hikers more than people who camp out for several nights. The outside mesh pockets were a bit small as well, which might not be favorable for some.


The Scandinavian Gear 65L Backpack has numerous excellent features that you might be interested in. It is adjustable, comes with several access points to the chief compartment, and it has compression straps which allow users to include a 1-liter water bottle. It is made from a material that is water-resistant and sturdy which is great for a model that comes with a reasonable price.

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