OutdoorMaster 70L+5L Hiking Backpack Review

OutdoorMaster 70L+5L Hiking Backpack Review

A quality backpack can add to a great camping and hiking experience. The pack should be capable of fitting all the gear you need for the activity. Backpacks used for such activities are constructed to hold all the items which allows you to carry all the essentials required for the trip.

Backpack companies often construct their packs with a variety of compartments to keep some items separate from the rest, either for easy access, or protection. You should always go for a model that has all the features you need to make the trip safe and comfortable. If you need a backpack, you can check out this review of the OutdoorMaster 70L+5L Hiking Backpack.

Features of the OutdoorMaster 70L+5L Hiking Backpack

  • Has a 70 plus 5-liter capacity
  • Includes S-curved shoulder straps
  • 3D suspension system
  • Comes with foam-insulated hip belt
  • Includes waterproof zippers with sizable pull rings
  • Comes with 3D breathable back material
  • Has sleeping bag compartment
  • Includes top-mounted and reinforced haul handle
  • Comes with waterproof cover
  • Made with quality nylon material
  • Measures 13.4” x 9.8” x 38”
  • Weighs around 4.8 lbs.


The internal frame backpack is good for rock climbing, hiking and backpacking. It was actually designed for rock climbers who need a bag that will not hamper arm motions while climbing; the backpack rests comfortably on the back so it will move smoothly along with the body. One example of this is the 70L+5L backpack from OutdoorMaster.

This type of backpack sits close to the body which allows for better, freer movement for the whole body. The backpack will not even bounce on your back and this helps in keeping you stable. It has a narrow shape compared to the external frame type, and it can fit easily into smaller spaces without getting stuck or snagged on other items.

The 70L+5L is a model that can be worn by both men and women. It can easily be toted along and it is capable of managing and carrying heavier items. It comes with big and small compartments for organization which eases the hassle of packing and then trying to locate specific items.

The bag is built for those who love activities like hiking, rock climbing and even backpacking. Because this is a multi-purpose model, it can be used as well for other functions. It is waterproof and contains sufficient storage space as needed by campers and hikers. The cushioned shoulder straps on the bag are comfortable and allow for adequate airflow.

The model has a good number of features which make it ideal to fit in bulkier items like tablets, laptops and books. It has a sturdy hip belt which can accommodate a good amount of load, while the shoulder straps help distribute the weight of the load.

This pack is also quite spacious and it provides more room whenever the top collar is drawn out. The internal frame and 3D suspension system enhance the comfort once the bag is filled. It has a cushioned, contoured back, plus waist belt that guarantees carrying the bag will be more stable. These parts not only safeguard your shoulders but it also helps in giving excellent ventilation so you won’t feel hot carrying the bag.

It has waterproof zippers, water-repelling fabric and a waterproof rainfly for protection from splashing and moderate rainfall. To make the bag even more functional and effective, it comes with other details like D-rings, sternum straps, daisy webbing, side pockets, waist belt pockets and compression straps.

There are also water bottle pockets, and attachments on the outside to hold your bags and trekking poles. All in all, this pack comes with all the right stuff—great capacity, fit for carrying heavier stuff, and is waterproof.


One disadvantage of this model is that it is only water-resistant for a short period of time so it is not made to tolerate heavier rainfall or storms. However, it comes with a waterproof rainfly so you can still protect your items. Another drawback of the bag is that it does not have external latches.


Acquiring the proper backpack is needed for a good hiking and camping experience. There are numerous packs being sold on the market today and choosing the right one can be a challenge. However, if you know your needs and consider the activities you plan on undertaking, selecting a quality backpack will be less of a problem.

The OutdoorMaster 70L+5L Hiking Backpack is a great choice for hiking and backpacking. If you are looking for an internal frame model, this is a good choice. It has good volume, has better ventilation so you will not get hot carrying the bag while traveling, and it is water resistant enough so that it can withstand a light rainfall. For heavier rains, you can always use of the included waterproof rainfly. A great product you should check out.

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