Mountaintop 60L Internal Frame Backpack Review

Mountaintop 60L Internal Frame Backpack Review

In preparing for a backpacking trip, you want to be able to easily access your things. With the right kind of backpack, you can definitely do this. It is important to look for a backpack that has a great number of pockets and can grant you easy access to the main compartment as well.

Your backpack should allow other items to be attached to it, and the overall material should be durable and sturdy. If you’re unsure of what we’re talking about, check out the Mountaintop 60L Internal Frame Backpack. Will this be the backpack you’ve been looking for? In this article, we will talk about the backpack’s advantages, its disadvantages, its features and why we think this should land a spot on our top 5 best backpacks of all time.

Features of the Mountaintop 60L Internal Frame Backpack

  • Height of 31.9”/81 cm
  • Length of 12.6”/32 cm
  • Width of 9.1”/23 cm
  • Weight of 3 lbs./ 1.95 kg
  • Capacity of 60L
  • Very durable materials
  • Easy access to the main compartment
  • Features daisy chains
  • Features 8 compression straps
  • Compatible with hydration system
  • YKK buckles, Korea nylon, and YKK zipper


The Mountaintop 60L Internal Frame Backpack is such a good bargain. Starting with the front portion of the bag, a zipper allows you to easily access the main compartment (which also features an elastic pouch and 2 hooks for you to hang your hydration bladder or even keys), along with the daisy chains that allow you to hook any attachment to it including carabiners.

The compartment at the front (which is 40 cm by 26 cm/15.7” by 10.2”) includes an internal mesh pocket which is perfect for your rain coat, jacket, guide book or basically anything that you need to easily access.

This backpack also features 8 compression straps that allow you to hang a sleeping bag or tie up your pack. These straps also allow you to hang a tent, hammock and other hiking or camping gear. The elastic bands can allow you to keep the extra strap from dangling from the backpack.

Furthermore, this backpack is also compatible with a hydration system. There is room for a hydration system situated at the side of the pack and having a water bladder sleeve in the main compartment. In addition to that, this backpack is made from materials such as YKK buckles, Korea nylon, and YKK zipper.

This backpack also features a collar which is extended allowing you to increase the capacity up to another 5L by use of the 2 drawstrings on top of the backpack. The trekking pole and bottom loop attachment can give you the option of hanging selfie sticks, trekking poles, or even tripods.

The hip belt pockets can be used to easily store your smart devices such as phones and cameras. The bottom portion of the backpack includes a compartment for your sleeping bag as well as a divider that can separate the main compartment into two segments. This also allows the bottom portion to serve as a compartment for other things such as sleeping mat, shoes or even clothes.

The Mountaintop Backpack is perfect for those who are looking to begin backpacking. This is the perfect size for your adventures as it can carry a lot of things without sacrificing your comfort. This backpack can accommodate an entire campsite.

Based on our estimation, this backpack can carry 3 days’ worth of food, a small tent (can possibly fit up to 3 people), an average sized pillow, 3 days of clothes, a large sleeping bag, hammer, axe, saw, blanket, pie iron, cooking pan, tea kettle, medical equipment, cooking equipment, and other general camping materials.


This backpack is all sorts of amazing features; however, there are a few negatives including the comfort of the backpack itself. The load of the backpack seems to sit closer forward than to the back. You can try to adjust the shoulder straps and tighten them, but this would result in bruises, especially in the armpit area.

Furthermore, we can say that this is durable but some have questioned the backpack’s ability to withstand the test of time. You want a backpack that can last for years and many camping, hiking, and backpacking adventures, but some customers have reported that after one trip, the bottom part of the backpack where the sleeping bag compartment is, already ripped open.


The Mountaintop 60L Internal Frame Backpack is amazing and we highly recommend that this be your first choice when choosing a backpack for your next hiking trip. The many features of this backpack include the easy access to all of your compartments, the daisy chains for a very convenient way of hooking things to the bag, the capacity of the bag to carry an entire campsite, and its compatibility with a hydration system. With all these benefits, you’d find it hard to find a better pack to counter it.

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