Can Backpacks Be Carry On Luggage

Can Backpacks Be Carry On Luggage

Space and baggage fees are concerns that usually affect backpackers and travelers. Packing for a trip or flight is serious business. You have to mind a good number of important things when packing for a flight. Can backpacks be carry-on luggage? Backpacks are ideal items to take on the plane since they can easily be transported to and fro.

Double Purpose: Can Backpacks Be Carry On Luggage

Due to its irregular form and profile, a backpack that is stuffed to the gills can also pose a problem. Airports typically allow travelers to use a backpack as carry-on luggage and because of this, you have to make sure that you pack meticulously to guarantee that you will step on the plane with minimal hassle. Here are some things that you can do to ensure a bother-free ride.

Follow the carry-on luggage size limits of the airline

This is especially important. A majority of airlines allow travelers to carry personal items like briefcases, purses and bigger items like backpacks. For many airlines, the maximum size for luggage as a carry-on bag is 22” x 14” x 9”. If your luggage is bigger than the allowed dimensions, you will have to check it into the cargo hold.

Place all of your items in the pack

In case you plan on using your pack as carry-on luggage, you have to make sure that all gels, aerosol items and liquids pass and adhere to the Transportation Security Administration’s 311 policies. All items included in the pack should be no bigger than 3.4 oz. and each container has to fit in a 1-quart bag made from plastic.

Close all compartments and zipper tabs on the backpack

It is essential to make sure that all of zipper tabs and compartment are secured. Close each and every compartment with a lock that is approved by the Transportation Security Administration. This is recommended even if you do not have to have your backpack checked in. It will deter thieves from going through your stuff while you are carrying it throughout the airport.

In case you want to check it, put the bag inside a duffel bag

If you feel like you need to check your bag and are worried about it being damaged, you can put the bag inside a tough duffel bag. A bag that is protected is a wise move especially if it contains certain things like hiking equipment or sleeping bag/pad. This will make sure that all of the items will be contained together.

Take the backpack with you on the plane if you want it as a carry-on bag

Can backpacks be carry-on luggage? They are allowed as long as it follows the airline’s policy for carry on size limits. Position the pack in the overhead bin and make sure that all straps face down and the top of the pack faces out. This setup makes it easier for individuals to grab the pack as soon as the plane lands at the destination.

Pack certain items that you need as soon as you arrive

If you have difficulties decreasing the weight of your pack or contents, get rid of items that you can easily buy at your journey’s end. Buy food, toiletries and even additional clothing like socks, underwear or shirts at your destination.

Bring irreplaceable items

If you need to check some of your equipment, make sure that you split up expensive, easily breakable or irreplaceable items and carry them with you on the plane. Items like tents, hiking poles and similar camping gear can be checked in as luggage, while more valuable and sensitive items like GPS devices and communications gear should be carried with you on the plane.

Do not bring any type of fuel

It is against the law to carry certain items like stove fuel inside the plane. It is also unwise to carry an unfilled liquid stove fuel bottle; try to avoid this as much as you can since the bottle may still carry residual fumes or gas. This can be seized by airport authorities.

Do not bring any type of knife

Bladed items like knives, machetes and even multi-tools are not allowed on the place. This can be easy to overlook if you are packing in a hurry, but the TSA can confiscate it.

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