Bolang Summit 45 Internal Frame Pack Hiking Daypack Review

Bolang Summit 45 Internal Frame Pack Hiking Daypack Review

You have to choose the backpack you use for hiking carefully because the wrong one will have an impact on your experience. Nobody wants to hike serious miles with a backpack that is uncomfortable and a hassle to use. That is why reading reviews will help you weed out the bad ones from the good.

If you are looking for a good pack for your hiking or trekking needs, you can read this review of the Bolang Summit 45 Internal Frame Pack and determine whether this model is for you.

Features of the Bolang Summit 45 Internal Frame Pack Hiking Daypack

  • Allows users to have easy, fast access to the chief compartment
  • Formidable suspension system for ease of use, sufficient ventilation and comfort
  • Comes with the Bear Breathable System which allows heat to disperse fast and allow for a more comfortable back
  • Lightweight and easy to fit
  • Made with sturdy waterproof nylon material


If you want a pack for an overnight hike, there are two types of backpacks you can check out: internal and external frame models. The pack choose should be based on your personal needs, the activity you plan on doing and your budget. The Bolang Summit 45 is an internal frame pack and this means it comes with a nylon bag with plastic stitched on it to provide stiffness and support. Internal frame packs also come with cushioned shoulders and waist belts.

One advantage of internal frame packs is that they will remain stable even during hikes on uneven terrain. If the pack properly fits, the bag will conform to the small of the back; this causes the backpack to move smoothly along with the body of the user. It also closes up well so the contents of your bag will not easily get wet. Internal frame packs are also adjustable and a comfort to use for extended hikes.

The price of the Bolang Summit 45 Internal Frame Pack Hiking Daypack is reasonable so the budget conscious might want to pay attention. It has a lightweight internal frame which is a great point and its 45-liter volume is sufficient enough to tote along items you need for the hike; you can store a good deal of equipment in this pack, plus extra clothing.

If you have more than a few items to take along on a trip, this pack makes for a good bag, especially for an internal frame model of this size. It is also convenient that the pack includes an individual space located at the bottom of the pack which can fit shoes.

The rainfly included with the bag performed well and kept all items in the bag dry and safe from moisture, even during a heavy downpour. It has a huge size which means you can cover the bag even when stuffed. Because of this rainfly, this is a model that is good to carry in locations that have unpredictable weather; you can use it rain or shine and your items will be completely protected.

Another advantage of this model is that it has excellent airflow space between the back and the bag. While it will not keep you from sweating, it does allow for good air circulation. You will still feel comfortable while using the bag on a hot day.


The model has positive points however it did display some drawbacks. For one, the hip belt included does not reach far enough to lie completely on the user’s hipbones. This means you will find yourself frequently readjusting the pack.

Another disadvantage of internal frame packs is that they have fewer compartments so you will have to use stuff sacks just to separate your items. It would be good if the product were improved in this regard. Lastly, we suggest that the bottom space of the pack could have been made bigger.


All in all, the Bolang Summit 45 Internal Frame Pack Hiking Daypack is a pretty decent backpack. This is a good product for individuals who are looking for an internal frame backpack. However, it would be best if you could try wearing it prior to purchase to check whether the hip belt fits you well.

One of the best points of this model is that it comes with an efficient rainfly. This added component allows you to still trek during extreme weather conditions and your items inside the bag will remain dry throughout the trek.

The rainfly has sufficient size to cover the bag; hence, it is a good pack to take when hiking unpredictable weather. However, if you are the type of hiker who wants better organization, you are better off looking for another model since internal frame backpacks are not filled with separating compartments.

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