Bags Shop 45L+5L Daypack Review

Bags Shop 45L+5L Daypack Review

If you are planning on backpacking, then you will need a reliable backpack for all of your essentials. While looking for the right kind of backpack is exciting, it can also be considered intimidating. There are a lot of things to consider when buying a backpack: the size, the dimensions, the material of the backpack itself, its capacity. We are here to present one of the best backpacks on the market today, the Bags Shop 45L+5L Daypack.

This article will mainly focus on its advantages and disadvantages, its features and our honest verdict as to why we think this is a good companion on your backpacking trips.

Features of the Bags Shop 45L+5L Daypack

  • Made of durable materials
  • Made of waterproof nylon
  • Very versatile
  • Capacity of 45L+5L
  • Dimensions of 23.62” by 11.81” by 7.87”/60cm by 30cm by 20cm
  • Weight of 2.38 lbs. or 1.08 kg
  • Features top pockets (2), mesh pockets (2), front pockets (2), waist pockets (2), bottom pocket (1) including a waterproof rain cover, a main compartment with separate room so that your items will be organized (iPad, laptop, books and much more)
  • Includes straps (14)
  • Includes water tube fixed
  • Includes an elastic plug which is designed for an Alpenstock Clasp
  • Includes buckle of high quality


This daypack is perfect because it is not too heavy, and with the dimensions of the bag, you can bet that it will be hassle-free to carry around. The dimensions are 23.62” by 11.81” by 7.87”/60cm by 30cm by 20cm with a weight of 2.38 lbs. or 1.08 kg. The durable materials (nylon) which the bag is made of will assure that it can withstand any external force.

Furthermore, it has a large capacity. This bag will allow you to organize your items, and at the same time store them safely and efficiently. The bag features top pockets (2), mesh pockets (2), front pockets (2), waist pockets (2), bottom pocket (1) including a waterproof rain cover, a main compartment with separate room so that your items will be organized (iPad, laptop, books and more).

This backpack provides such excellent space and you can really tell that the fabric of this backpack is of high quality. In addition, the buckles are very firm and sturdy. The zippers, which are an important part of a backpack, remained functional and intact. We had no problems with the stitching whatsoever.

Furthermore, this pack has a bearing system that will not jeopardize the comfort of its user. The back panel is very breathable and is padded, thus allowing or promoting the circulation of air along your shoulders and back. This backpack is also very versatile.

It can be the perfect companion for when you are hiking, trekking, can be used as a day-to-day back pack, an alternative for a suitcase, a storage for diapers, for when you are college camping, or even when you are going to the beach. The backpack can accommodate a lot of your things because of its many pockets.

Furthermore, you can secure all of your gadgets and things into your backpack, and since it is neatly organized, you can easily find them and reach them when you need them.

This bag also provides 14 straps that offer an external capacity for your other devices and gear all while keeping the shape of the pack including an attachment strap for a moisture-proof mat, for hanging a trekking pole, and much more.

The straps are very comfortable and solid, which is perfect especially if you are going to be doing any long hikes. Since the panels are breathable and comfortable, and the secured straps which are also comfortable, we can say that this backpack is truly a good bargain.


This backpack is “a dream come true” for anyone who is looking for a backpack that can fit almost all of your essentials in an organized matter. While this backpack can properly organize your things, this backpack is not an internal frame pack. You can put in a lot of things in it but you will definitely feel the weight on your shoulders.

Furthermore, the backpack itself is made of durable materials but as compared to other backpacks, this is pretty left behind. With the price of the Bags Shop 45L+5L Daypack as compared to others, its level of durability and its price as compared to others, there is bound to be some trade-offs.


The Bags Shop 45L+5L Daypack is a good bargain and we highly recommend this to a casual backpacker or camper. It has so many pockets that organizing your stuff won’t be that difficult. Although, carrying too much will make you feel the weight on your shoulders, we do believe this is only a minor setback.

The performance of this backpack still proves that its materials are very durable because not only is the back panel breathable and comfortable, the zippers are functional and there are no problems with the stitching, even after many uses.

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